Based on ALN competence and experience

  • Proven and documented effectiveness for many years
  • Designed for an easy use
  • The only optional filter on the market in 316LVM stainless steel-seamless
  • 4 approaches proposed
  • Implantation with a 7F catheter-Removal with a 9F catheter
  • Approved for retrieve at any time (documented retrieve after 12 years)

vena cava filters ALN

Efficient design 
More than 30 years of clinical experience

6 anchoring legs
3 centering legs
  • Unique design with an upper level of anchoring and a lower level of centering
  • The legs have all different lengths to minimize the risk of interlocking during implantation
  • Possibility of removing the filter with hook with one of our 3 ALN removal kits and/or a lasso: An additional removal option is offered to you
  • The only optional vena cava filter approved for implantation in a vein with a maximum diameter of 32mm
  •  5 year shelf life

An additional removal option offered 

The ALN vena cava filters are permanent and / or temporary: one has the possibility to remove the filter with hook using one of our 3 ALN removal systems and/or a lasso

The Extra of the filter with hook: the possibility to be also removed using to a lasso
The range of ALN filters was enriched in 2013 with this model with hook while retaining the design of the original filter.
vena cava filters ALN

The ALN Optional Vena Cava Filter Kit with and without hook is comprised of :

vena cava filters ALN
  • An ALN Optional Vena Cava Filter (with or without hook) in its filter holder
  • An introduction system (dilator, introducer sheath(7F) and a pushing catheter)
  • A puncture needle
  • A guide in J (0.035) 

Technical sheets :

Technical sheet - ALN FVC

Poster implantation - ALN FVC

Technical sheet - ALN FVC with hook

Poster implantation - ALN FVC with hook

Product Codes :

    Product CodeMaximum diameter of the vena cava (mm)Length of the filter (mm)Introducer sheath
    French size (ID)Length
ALN Vena Cava FilterJugular KitFJ.12009632557600
Brachial KitFB.010500325571200
Femoral KitFF.01099532557600
Popliteal KitFP.012013325571200
ALN Vena Cava Filter with HookJugular KitFJ.HOOK32597600
Brachial KitFB.HOOK325971200
Femoral KitFF.HOOK32597600
Popliteal KitFP.HOOK325971200