ALN vena cava filter OATF

Just like the original one, talented and reliable

popliteal approach ALN


Efficiency, choice and safety

The 2in1 removal and/or repositioning kit: RK-2010

Removal procedure by Jugular approach only
  • Pincer designed to safely remove the ALN vena cava filters
  • Better handing with the 2in1 removal and/or repositioning kit
  • Approved to reposition the ALN filter if needed
removal kit ALN 2in1

Clinical studies

"Successful retrieval of 29 ALN Inferior Vena Cava filters of 25.6 months after placement"Olivier Pellerin, MD - Massimiliano de Primio, MD - Olivier Sanchez, MD, PhD - Guy Meyer, MD, PhD and Marc Sapoval, MD, PhD

ALN worldwide


update 08/07/2022